VISDA - An acronym for VISual DisAssembler.  VISDAs primary purpose is to help malware-analysts in their daily work with  reverse-code-engineering of malicious code. VISDA itself is a disassembler  combined with a static code-analyzer and -visualizer.  Graphical static code-analysis for everyone. VISDA is freeware. It’s free to use for everyone. Especially it’s dedicated to  the people that haven’t got any chance for comfortable graphical static  code-analysis because of limited budget. Specially focused on malware-analysts.  I started to develop VISDA as an implication of numerous wishes I had that  no other tool could provide. Imho none of the graphical static code-  analyzers out there is focused an malware-analysts and their special needs. Also imho none of them has any forensical pretension. VISDA tries to  address those lacks of common tools. Easy GUI - no chaotic bunch of icons spread over the  workbench. VISDA tries to keep your attention on the case and the sample itself, not on  the use of the tool. Contextsensitive popup-menus and meaningful entries  in the latter help you to anticipate what is going to happen if you use a  specific function.  Automatical spotting of well known typical (bad) code.  VISDA introduces a new concept (Blacksense) of dealing with specific  code-aspects which are intended to be hurdles to reverse-engineers. This is done by actively spotting them in the code giving further hints.  Easy reports, analysis and queries through SQL.  VISDA stores all the generated data (i.e. assembly, ...) in a relational  database file (SQLite) for each case. Querying and analyzing assembly, etc.  couldn’t be easier.